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Old history

Mekoft is a large dwarven settlement in the middle of an mountainous region known as The Golden Peaks. The settlement is placed in a cozy position in a valley of the mountains of Kuzwynot. Some time passed before the local population found the settlement and tried to drive the dwarves out of the area during The battle of Auriel where the two forces clashed and the dwarves drove back the attackers. This battle caused the construction of Castle Nezkift a large fortress built overlooking the city to repel any additional attacks against the city.

Recent history

The people of the lush green lands of Kuzwynot have been peaceful since The battle of Auriel. However, recently growing restless again and rumors that the humans and the elves have put aside their differences to form an alliance against the dwarves. The dwaves have also elected a new jarl Nabar Garadur

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